A banished god returns to the world of Ambrethel, Angra Mainyu. He is the lord of all the fears that lurk in the human heart. He is the lord of the irrational desires that lurk in the minds of people. He is the abyss from which there is no return only death and despair. Angra Mainyu was once just a man, a man with great power. Who reached and attained godhood when the world was still young through dark sorceries and foul dark rites. The high gods took afront to his self elevation but Angra Mainyu was no longer a simple mortal. A war was fought in the heavens as well as on the material plane. Eventually Angra Mainyu was cast down into a bottomless pit by the all the High Gods working in conjunction. However, some of his priests and followers escaped the great purge. The ones that survived spread throughout Ambrethel. They have waited quietly for generations untold for the dark prophecy of Angra Mainyu’s return.

Turakian Age: In the Shadow of Evil

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